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Bring a vibrant fresh energy to your look with our hair coloring Vegas!

Whether you’re a man or woman, the color of your hair has a huge influence on your overall appearance. If you seek a new color or merely want to cover the grays, a professional hair coloring summerlin service in the heart of Vegas is just for you.

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Professional Coloring For Lasting Results

Whether you seek a subtle touch of color or a vibrant burst of color, it’s imperative that your hair is in safe hands. At Fantastic Sam’s, our professional hair coloring services tick all the boxes

We believe in putting safety first, which is why we’ll always check your skin for potential allergic reactions. Moreover, we use the most advanced coloring products to ensure a perfectly safe procedure that’s guaranteed to bring the results you’ll love. Not only do our coloring services provide the glossy finish you desire, but the beautiful new color will last far longer than any home treatment.

Three different hair colors we offer
Model after a hair coloring summerlin treatment

who we are

You can take advantage of various hair coloring treatments. The options range from highlights or low lights to covering the grays with your natural color. Alternatively, a whole head coloring service can be used to take on an entirely new color, or simply bring out your natural color with greater vibrance.

Our hair coloring products cover virtually every color imaginable too. Whether it’s natural looking browns and blacks, or the pinks and blues that will help you stand out from the crowd is entirely up to you. Or, if you do want some support in finding the perfect match for your appearance, our team of coloring consultants are more than happy to help. Maximum satisfaction is guaranteed.

In addition to coloring your hair, our stylists will cut and style the hair to promote the perfect look. For a comprehensive, confident approach to hair coloring, Fantastic Sam’s is the only answer for men and women alike.

A Stunning Salon At The Heart Of Vegas

While Fantastic Sam’s Cut & Color is fully focused on letting our results speak for themselves, we do additionally take great pride in our stunning salon too.

From ensuring that the layout of the waiting area and each station promotes a comfortable, relaxed setting to keeping equipment in the best condition, we believe that our hair coloring summerlin studio is truly the best in Vegas. Better still, our location at Lakes Plaza is convenient and allows you to rock your new color as soon as you leave the salon.

When supported by our incredible pricing on all coloring services, along with the advice that our colorists provide to help you keep your hair looking its best for many weeks to come, Fantastic Sam’s is the perfect place to bring new visions to life.

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