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Looking for a child-friendly hair salon in Las Vegas? Fantastic Sams is the answer. From baby’s first haircut through to the early teen years, every parent needs to know that their child’s hair is in safe hands. Fantastic Sam’s Cut & Color provides a specialized child-friendly approach to children haircuts 89117 that will please moms, dads, sons, and daughters in equal measures. Come visit our hair salon at Lakes Plaza today!

As far as mom and dad are concerned, safety always comes first. Our child-friendly station is equipped with specialized safety equipment to ensure that your son or daughter is in safe hands at all times. From clippers to scissors, brushes to hair products, every item is designed with youngsters in mind. While this is a safe and sensible setup, Fantastic Sam’s is committed to replacing the sense of fear with a sense of fun. From the décor and seating of the child-friendly stations to the activities in the reception area, your son or daughter will feel at ease with our surroundings. In turn, that makes it even easier for the technician to complete the cut in a fast, safe, and efficient manner. Happy children and happy parents; that’s what we believe to be the recipe for success.

Little girl with a new child's haircut
Little girl with a haircut for kids

Modern Hairstyles That Kids & Parents Adore

The perfect child’s hairstyle should be smart, practical, and aesthetic pleasing. That’s everything that Fantastic Sam’s sets out to achieve with children haircuts 89117.

We appreciate that you need your child’s haircut to be suitable for their varied lifestyles. From looking good in school pictures to being practical on the sports field, we take all of those issues into account. Whether you have a vision in your head or need a little support in the decision-making process, Fantastic Sam’s is on your side.

Our stylists are constantly searching for the hottest new trends in hairstyles for both boys and girls. Whether it’s emulating the look of their favorite Nickelodeon star or opting for the same style as their friends, we can make it happen. (Psst... Don’t worry; we’ll always check that mom and dad are happy first!)

Better still, that research into the latest kids trends helps our friendly staff strike up a rapport with the children. Fantastic Sam’s kids often love visiting the salon, even if they’ve previously struggled with haircuts elsewhere. What’s more, they might even get a little treat after the cut is finished.

Oh, and we also offer adults cuts and coloring services for men and women alike. So, if you fancy killing two birds with one stone, we’re ready to help you look as adorable (Ok, maybe not as adorable but certainly as smart) as your child too.

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